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Your family law matter is the most personal legal issue you will ever face.  Whether you are contemplating marriage or need to resolve a dispute with your spouse, the stakes couldn’t be higher.  These cases must be handled with dignity and respect.  At the same time, your legal rights must be protected.  Walzer Melcher LLP has the expertise in California family law to handle your matter effectively.

The typical client of Walzer Melcher LLP is a business owner, executive, professional, athlete, or trust fund beneficiary going through a complex divorce in Los Angeles or Ventura counties.  We represent clients who are getting a divorce and who need specialized personal legal assistance.  We are also known for our expertise in premarital agreements (prenuptial agreements), postmarital agreements, and cohabitation agreements for clients who want protection from California community property and spousal support laws.  We also handle appeals of California family law judgments.

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Postnups: Los Angeles Family Lawyer Peter Walzer interviewed by CBS 2 News

Los Angeles divorce attorney Christopher C. Melcher interviewed by Tony Guinyard of NBC 4 News Los Angeles about the Kobe Bryant divorce.

Christopher Melcher on ABC’s Nightline (edited)


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