Peter Walzer Interview With CBS 2 News Los Angeles CA

Peter Walzer Interview with CBS 2 News Los Angeles regarding process serving of family law documents through social media.





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Los Angeles divorce attorney Christopher C. Melcher interviewed by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about the shocking Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce news.

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Los Angeles divorce attorney Christopher C. Melcher interviewed by Tony Guinyard of NBC 4 News Los Angeles about the Kobe Bryant divorce.

Amber Heard had her first face-off with ex Johnny Depp’s lawyers on Saturday with regard to a permanent restraining order she’s requested against him, but family law specialist Christopher Melcher tells ET she could face a long road ahead.


Do Donald and Ivana Trump’s 1990 Divorce Records Point to Rape?
– WHTV Interview with Peter Walzer

The 1990 divorce between Donald and Ivan Trump was granted on the grounds of cruel and inhumane treatment but the two have reached a settlement. Nearly three decades later it’s still being talked about. One big reason, the divorce involved a sexual assault accusation Ivana made against Donald.