Premarital Agreements (Prenups)

Premarital agreements (prenups) establish, in advance, how property will be treated or divided at the time of a divorce or death. They also can limit the amount of spousal support (alimony) that will be paid if the parties divorce. There are many different types of prenups – some do away with community property entirely and replace it with another plan. Other agreements confirm what the parties had coming into the marriage (separate property) and allow for sharing of income earned during marriage.

Premarital agreements have a significant emotional component. It is a time when people who are in love are forced to address difficult financial issues. We understand the difficult nature of these agreements and are able to handle the negotiation of these agreements professionally while helping you to stay on good terms with your fiance.

Our top family law attorneys at Walzer Melcher are experts in drafting and litigating premarital agreements. We lecture and write on various aspects of these agreements regularly. If you would like more information, please call us to set up a consultation.

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  • Christopher C. Melcher’s authoritative book titled “Premarital Agreements – Negotiations, Preparing and Litigation” has been published by LexisNexis. It is part of a series of treatises called “Complex Issues in California Family Law.” You can purchase it here.
Book Cover of Complex Issues in California Family Law: Premarital Agreements (Prenups)

Book Cover of Complex Issues in California Family Law: Premarital Agreements (Prenups)