• I wanted to send a quick note to thank you so much for your ear and advice on my settlement with my soon to be ex-husband... I really appreciated your honest yet very kind counsel. Again, many things you said had a larger impact than you might imagine.

  • Dear Peter, Thank you so much for EVERYTHING from 1987, so happy I chose you ... you made such an incredible difference in my whole life.

  • Finally after about three years from the day when my son was kidnapped in Italy and brought by his mother in the U.S. I thank everyone in the Walzer & Melcher office for the work done and the commitment given in this case. Thanks to the consistency and the professionalism of all of you and especially to Christopher Melcher and Jennifer M. Riemer. I can share with him the rest of my life. Without your support and your determination I would not be here writing these words. To all those parents who were involved in an international child abduction I can only say that in this office they will find amazing people before a team of incredible lawyers. People who have shown me love and all the attention that a parent need to survive the most terrible experiences that a person can live in his life. I can never show enough gratitude for all the work they have done to bring my son back to my life. Chris has proven to me that he is not just an incredible lawyer, but also he is a dear friend that you can rely on big times of distress. He never gave up in my case even when he faced unscrupulous competitors, without any professional ethics, and he has legally fought in the Court of Appeals, and also at the California Supreme Court for the triumph of justice. He has always been honest and sincere, and he never let me lose hope. Yes Chris is thanks to you and your staff if I can still hug my son and I can watch him sleeping like an angel after three years of pain and tears. I will never forget what you had done for me and for my son.

  • Peter, I want to thank you, Kristina, Leena, Maddy and your entire firm for being so responsive and professional from the time we first spoke until making it final. This was a very difficult time for my family and we knew being expeditious was going to be critical to our case. Peter’s counsel was invaluable to assess the best path and fortunately it all worked out without further disruption and harm to Julie. Fast forward to today and Julie is doing fantastic and adjusting very well to life down here full time. THANK YOU!

  • Thanks to Peter & Jennie for their council and support with what has been a complicated and often contentious, international divorce. I especially appreciated your patience, professionalism and ability to adapt to evolving circumstances. From mediation to court appearances and a quite a few filings in between, I can't imagine better lawyers for this sort of thing.

  • Jennie, This is great news! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You have been so wonderful throughout this whole process. I truly appreciate all you have done. Not only have you been an amazing attorney, you have been a great friend as well. Thank you for being there for me during this difficult time in my life. Your support and positive attitude has made this process so much easier for me. Now I feel like I can finally move on to the next chapter in my life, and I could not have done it without you. Thank you Jennie! Happy New Year to you, your family and everyone at Walzer & Melcher! Yay!

  • Peter Walzer and the Walzer Melcher Law Firm provided me excellent representation in a very trying situation. He has the experience to know the law well and developed creative strategies to represent my interests the best. He was always professional and cared about me as a person, knowing when to pursue an issue in court or to draft a settlement. He was definitely interested in finding a solution that worked for me while keeping legal costs to a minimum. Peter is very highly thought of by his peers in the family law arena which I believe immediately gave my position credibility. I strongly recommend Peter Walzer!

  • I am an attorney with over 25 years of litigation practice. I hired Peter Walzer after interviewing several divorce attorneys and receiving recommendations from other industry professionals. I found Peter’s representation to be smart and effective. His support staff and junior counsel were knowledgeable and courteous. His billing practices were fair and cost effective. I recommend him highly.

  • Dear Chris: Please accept my belated thank you for dismissing my case from California, and thanks for doing it at such a low price! It will probably be a few months yet until my divorce case is settled, but I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your work. One less headache for me. Hope your practice does well in 2012.

  • Christopher Melcher helped me through a very long and contested divorce. In many different situations he always had the ability to determine what the real issue was, and to counsel the best course of action. Mr. Melcher was always cool-headed, supported his allegations with hard facts, in a clean, firm, convincing manner. Never got into any name calling, bullying, etc. Believe me, I saw a lot of that while in court waiting for my turn. I saw many lawyers that played the “tough cookie” role to please their clients. Mr. Melcher never resorted to that or any other cheap display. He was simply well prepared, and ready ALL THE TIME, A TRUE PROFESSIONAL.

    Kept my residence and paid my ex-wife the fair market value of the house

    Spousal and Child support was set according with the figures proposed by Mr. Melcher

    Finally, the most important issue to me had to do with custody of my children; all 4 of them ended living with me. Mr. Melcher helped me obtain FULL PHYSICAL AND LEGAL CUSTODY of my son. This was the light at the end of the tunnel, it made it all worth it. I was told by several people that it was “virtually impossible” to get the full custody of my son, now we live together in big part thanks to Mr. Melcher’s work

    Worth mentioning also is his honesty, I NEVER GOT CHARGED FOR ANYTHING THAT WASN’T DONE. I could go over my statement carefully, and identify that the charges made corresponded to services performed.

    Finally, his entire law firm team is great; his Partner Mr. Walzer was available anytime we deemed necessary consult with him. The other lawyers, Arlene, the paralegals, secretaries... I knew at all times that I had THE BEST LEGAL TEAM BEHIND ME.

    I have recommended him to my best friend, and he was extremely satisfied with the way they handled his divorce.


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